Lifotronic Technology Co.,Ltd

Lifotronic Technology Co.,Ltd founded in 2008, is a leading manufacturer of over 110 premium medical devices for both medical diagnostics. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Lifotronic operates 4 plants and 30 sales and service subsidiaries strategically located in China. Lifotronic is committed to its mission by focusing on technological innovation, quality assurance and overall customer satisfaction.

Lifotronic it is:

  • 800+ employees with 300+ R&D engineers;
  • 70 000+ sq. M production area;
  • 100,000+ Lifotronic devices installed in 60+ countries;
  • 4 factories located in China;
  • 110+ different products for intravenous administration and therapy;
  • 150,000+ hospital users worldwide.
Lifotronic Technology Co.,Ltd
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